5 recuerdos (5 Memories)

Mexico 2009, 12' | Director Oriana Alcaine, Alejandra Márquez | Screenplay Alejandra Márquez | DoP Andrés León Becker | Editor Yibrán Asuad Mújica | Music Pedro 'Zulu' González | Cast Ireri Solís, Olivia Rossetti, Katia Acevedo, Yanni Torres, Patricio Solís, Javier Giménez | Production Emigre Film/Televisa

Irma is walking through a market, going through the ingredients for a meal in her head. She remembers the first four items, but just can't think what the fifth one is. A journey begins into the depths of her memory, recalling events from her childhood and youth. Images which are juxtaposed in a surreal manner, but one which for a dream seems very logical, and which really do lead her to that one, fifth ingredient, before she drives off into the sunset in her yellow VW beetle.

German Premiere


ORIANA ALCAINE, born in San Sebastián in 1979, studied Audiovisual Communication at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid and Directing at the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC) in Barcelona. She has been making films since 2001. She currently lives in Mexico. Alejandra Márquez, born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico in 1982, studied film at the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC), Barcelona, where she lived for five years. She has been living in Mexico since 2006, where she works freelance, writing, directing and developing audiovisual content.

Oriana Alcaine, Alejandra Márquez
Short Film