Right Body

Italy 2011, 18’ | Director, Screenplay Jennifer Norton | DoP Piero Basso A.I.C | Editor Giovanni Cosi | Sound Emanuela Martignetti | Music Matteo Bennici, Her, In the Flesh | Cast Matilde Benvenuti, Lorenzo Carcasci, Flora Virgillito | Production Apple & Olive, Mario Castegnaro

Antonia from Florence knows that she is a boy, and that she needs to do something because she was born in the wrong body. After an evening together with her/his girlfriend Grazia, she/he finds the courage to say what she/he feels and do what she/he wants. Their friendship is put to the test, but eventually the two of them realise what is really important.
The plot of Corpo Guisto mirrors an experience made by #Jennifer Norton almost 20 years ago with a close girlfriend.


Jennifer Norton studied acting and directing at New York University. Shortly before graduating, she began working as a director for the Murray Hill Players and soon after was a co-founder of the off-off-ensemble The Actor’s Circle of New York. Over time, her focus moved from acting to film directing, and she also worked as a producer. Jennifer Norton currently lives in Florence, where she runs Apple & Olives with her husband, a production company for short films that specialises in Internet commercials and has already won many awards. Jennifer Norton also teaches at the New York Film Academy in Florence and at Amsterdam’s Department of Acting.


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