4 Kilometers

Great Britain/Israel 2008, 23' | Director, Screenplay Miri Shapiro | DoP Paul Robinson | Editor Vanat Sermpol | Sound Lionel Hicks, Yaniv Bitran, Amir Shmueli | Music Yaniv Fridel, Yehonatan Azar, Nasser Massudin | Cast Dima Taya, Abdalla Aqel, Estabrak Aqel

The traditional Bedouin desert village in which 15-year-old Hulud lives, is not far from the modern city life of Beer-Sheba. But the two places are worlds apart. Hulud dreams of overcoming this boundary. Together with her little brother and sister she sets off on a journey on which she will find enlightenment. In 2008, there were still 45 Bedouin villages in the desert of southern Israel not recognized by the Israeli government, and which are not under any administration. Some 76,000 Bedouins live there in complete isolation; without water; electricity; sewage systems; paved roads; medical care or an education system, trying to preserve their traditional way of life. But modern life surrounds them and gets ever closer.


Israeli MIRI SHAPIRO studied at the London Film School. Her graduation film 4 Kilometers was sponsored by the National-Geographic "All Roads Film Project". For her short film Kallah (Bride) she won the Jury Award of the Montecatini Terme Short Film Festival as well as the Bear in Gold at the Festival der Nationen [Festival of Nations] in Ebensee, Austria.

Miri Shapiro
Great Britain, Israel
Short Film
Focus: Freedom