Great Britain 2007, 8' | Director, Screenplay Peque Varela | DoP Neus Olle Soronellas | Editor Fiona DeSouza | Sound Chu Li Shewring | Music Natalie Ann Holt | Production Gavin Humphries


In her dreams, small Peque sees herself as a celebrated football star. But she is overtaken by reality and is laughed at by the other girls. Only boys do things like that! In 1977, director Peque Varela was born in a small town in Galicia. Her animation film 1977, which has won many awards, is a fascinating collage of drawings and photos. Varela talks about her childhood in a conservative, catholic, heterosexual society, and about the struggle for her identity and sexual role.


When she was 19, Peque Varela went to London for a 3-month stay, never to return to Spain. After graduating in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster, she studied Animation at the National Film & Television School NFTS. 1977 is her graduation film. She has produced animations for commercials and for MTV and was involved in the title sequence for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd.

Peque Varela
Great Britain
Short Film, Animation
Focus: Freedom