Wo stehst Du?

Deutschland 2011, Dokumentarfilm, Blu-ray, Farbe, 91’ | Regie, Buch, Bildgestaltung, Ton Bettina Braun | Schnitt Gesa Marten, Bettina Braun | Produktion Bettina Braun | Verleih Real Fiction

»Live has become more seriously.«
Bettina Braun

»German Muslim at home in place. Thus correct!«
Imprint on Moussa’s  t-shirt

Their home is Germany, their view of the world is marked by their Muslim culture of origin. Ali, Moussa, Kais and Alban have grown up together in the Klingelpütz Youth Centre in Cologne. As they reach adulthood they had dreams and plans for the future. But doubts and reservations as well concerning where their paths will lead. Now they have gone separate ways, even though they still have keep in touch here and there. Ali, Alban and Moussa have stayed in Cologne, Kais is studying acting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Ludwigsburg. The difficulty in putting their futures on a firm and reliable footing is not always unobstracted.
After Was lebst Du? (2005) and Was du willst (2008), Wo stehst Du? is the third work that Bettina Braun has filmed with and about these young men. The film is more than a successful milieu study: Braun presents a warm-hearted portrait of the four, who are still looking to find their place in society. The carefree attitudes of adolescence have given way to the challenges of life as an adult: education, finding a job, a place to live, a relationship … In the – not always free of conflict– confrontation with the director the focus is on dreams for the future, on expectations and fears, but also on the search for one’s own cultural and religious roots.


BETTINA BRAUN was born in 1969 in Hamburg and studied Graphic Design at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London. After graduating in 1993, she worked as a freelance director and designer, including for BBC I, BBC II, Carlton Television, 1st Information Group and WDR. In parallel to this, she took a postgraduate course in media design at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts between 1995 and 1997. With her colleague Britta Wandaogo she founded the production company Filmdokument GbR in 2000. In 2003, she co-founded the network for documentary filmmakers, LaDoc. Teaching jobs and a guest professorship for audiovisual media design brought her to the Lippe and Höxter Polytechnic in 2004 and 2005.
Bettina Braun won many awards for Was lebst du?, including first prize of the Documentary Film Festival Turkey/Germany in 2005 and the Audience Award of the Duisburger Filmwoche 2004.


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Saturday, 24 March 2012, 7.00 p.m., Filmforum

Bettina Braun
Special, Preview, Köln-Premiere