Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy

Australien 1990, Kurzspielfilm, DigiBeta, Farbe, 19’ | Regie & Buch Tracey Moffatt | Bildgestaltung John Whitteron | Schnitt Philippa Harvey | Ton Liam Egan | Darsteller_innen Marcia Langton, Agnes Hardwick, Jimmy Little, Alkira Fitzgerald und andere | Produzent Penny McDonald | Weltvertrieb Women Make Movies

On an isolated, surreal Australian homestead, a middle-aged Aboriginal woman nurses her dying white mother. The adopted daughter’s attentive gestures mask an almost palpable hostility. Their story alludes to the assimilation policy that forced Aboriginal children to be raised in white families. The stark, sensual drama unfolds without dialogue against vivid painted sets as the smooth crooning of an Aboriginal Christian singer provides ironic counterpoint. Tracey Moffatt’s film displays visual assurance and emotional power.


TRACEY MOFFATT’s work draws on history of cinema, art and photography as well as popular culture and her own childhood memories and fantasies. Born in Brisbane, Australia, Tracey Moffatt studied visual communications at the Queensland College of Art, from which she graduated in 1982. Since her first solo exhibition in Sydney in 1989, she has exhibited all over the world. Her films Night Cries and Bedevil were selected for the Cannes Film Festival in 1990 and 1993. She is now based in New York and returns frequently to the north of Australia where she works and lives on the beach.


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Sunday, 22 April 2012, 4.00 p.m., Filmpalette, Ticket

Tracey Moffatt
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