The International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund|Cologne takes place annually, alternating between Dortmund and Cologne.


Location Dortmund:

RWE Film Award: 15,000 Euro
Audience Award: 1,000 Euro

Location Cologne:
International Debut Fiction Feature Film Award: 10,000 Euro
National Directors of Photography Award: 5,000 Euro
(formerly in Dortmund)
Audience Award: 1,000 Euro


Location Dortmund:
A particular theme every two years / programmes covering social and political topics / films from all genres and the entire history of film

Location Cologne:
“Panorama” – Forum for current film productions, all genres
“desired! - film lust & queer” – Forum for current lesbian, transgender and queer films
"Focus" – Another country programme every two years


School Film Programme
As part of the festival as a whole, the Dortmund|Cologne Women's Film Festival provides an extensive schools program for school students and young adults at both of its locations.

Girls' Focus/Workshop Film
Within the framework of the festival both in Dortmund or Cologne, we offer a number of work placements in the field of practical media to girls between 14 and 18 years of age.


Special events with a certain »audience appeal« are intended to attract people generally interested
in cultural matters to the festival. Highlights here include film portraits, pre-premieres and silent
movies accompanied by live music.