Dortmund Documentary Film Award 2011

Award ceremony

This year for the first time, the festival presented the Dortmund Documentary Film Award, a new honour aimed at recognising the lifetime work of women directors for their services to European documentary film.

The award – which comes with a €10,000 prize donated by Sparkasse Dortmund and a special statue designed by Jessica Maria Toliver – was presented by Gabriele Kroll, a member of the management board at the savings bank, to Helga Reidemeister in person during the course of the official awards ceremony.

With Helga Reidemeister, the festival is distinguishing a documentary film-maker who, for forty years now, has been producing documentary films with great single-mindedness while tackling controversial topics and the unsettling side of reality.

To mark the special occasion, the festival showed Ms Reidemeister's Mein Herz sieht die Welt schwarz – eine Liebe in Kabul (War and Love in Kabul).

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