International Feature Film award for Athina Tsangari's ATTENBERG

Dr. Hanns-Ferdinand Müller (RWE Vertrieb AG), Athina Rachel Tsangari (Award-Winner), Melissa Silverstein, Maren Kroymann (Jury members), Silke Räbiger (Festival director)

The award of € 25,000 for Best Feature Film goes to Greek director Athina Rachel Tsangari for her film ATTENBERG, a story of friendship, life's joys and loss narrated with a distanced minimalism and splendid visuals.

As such, it was the first German screening in Dortmund –and for the Argentinian entry LA MOSCA EN LA CENIZA (The Fly in the Ashes) by Gabriela David, which was singled out for a special mention

This year, the jury was made up of actress Maren Kroymann, blog journalist Melissa Silverstein and Claudia Landsberger, the director of the EYE Film Institute in the Netherlands. This is what the jury said about Attenberg …

"The jury of the International Women’s Film Festival awards the jury prize to Athina Rachel Tsangari for her audacious film Attenberg. In this fresh and innovative film, Ms Tsangari gives birth to an original female character, Marina – wonderfully performed by Ariana Lebed – a 23-year-old young woman who must always tell the truth even to her detriment. She is an outsider, a keen observer of humanity and best sees the world through the animal documentaries of Sir David Attenborough. Marina comes to life sexually and in the world as her beloved father prepares to depart from life. In homage to her Greek heritage, but with a modern twist, Ms Tsangari weaves musical and dance interludes throughout the film that both interrupt and propel the action forward. The jury applauds Ms Tsangari’s bold vision of a new type of young woman, one who questions and challenges and one we would like to see more of in the future."

Here’s what the jury said about LA MOSCA EN LA CENIZA

"The jury awards a special mention to LA MOSCA EN LA CENIZA (The Fly in the Ashes) for highlighting sex trafficking especially of young women, an uncomfortable topic seen in many documentaries but not in features. Director Gabriela David shows how trafficking is happening all around us in every country in all types of neighbourhoods and that this gross violation of human rights must be addressed seriously at the highest levels of government."

Athina Rachel Tsangari was in Dortmund personally to pick up the award, donated by the RWE Vertrieb AG, a power company. For its part, LA MOSCA EN LA CENIZA was introduced in Dortmund by Enrique Angeleri, producer of the film and husband of Ms David. In her name, he also accepted the award, which was presented by Dr. Hanns-Ferdinand Müller, the spokesperson at RWE Vertrieb.

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