Sixth Dortmund Award for Women Directors of Photography


The Award Goes To Eva Maschke and Hanne Klaas – Winning Films To Be Screened at the Festival

Just under 30 films lined up last week for the final round of the Sixth Dortmund Award for Women Directors of Photography. In the event, the three-woman jury – Sophie Maintigneux, Daniela Knapp and Stephanie Hardt– were so impressed with the overall quality of the documentary films submitted that it was decided to split the main prize and make an honourable mention.

Endowed with €5000, the prize for best cinematography is thus divided equally between Eva Maschke for her work on the film Frauenzimmer and Hanne Klaas for her work on Ole.

The Frauenzimmer documentary takes a look at the extraordinary and (in part) surprisingly bourgeois everyday lives of three prostitutes in Berlin. In the jury's opinion, Ms Maschke's impressive cinematography made a large contribution to maintaining the dignity and beauty of the protagonists. The camera was allowed to operate on a self-assured basis without becoming voyeuristic or judgmental. Ole is a very personal and moving film in which Ms Klaas tells the story of her brother's suicide in 1991 and its effect on family life. She develops a rigorous and sophisticated cinematography that, in interaction with the soundtrack, unfolds an emotional power while allowing viewers space for their own thoughts.

Maria Goinda, who actually comes from Dortmund, receives an Honorable Mention for the cinematography to Cartonera. Using a hand-held camera, she accompanies children through the streets of Buenos Aires as they collect old paper. In that process, she manages to get close to the children and permit us an intimate insight into their survival strategies.

The three winning films are to be presented during the festival with the Awards Ceremony taking place in Dortmund on 17 April 2011.

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