International Feature Film Competition for Women Directors 2011 – Films and Jury Members announced


The Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival 2011 is to present its feature women directors' feature film award for the fourth time. The aim of the award – which comes with prize money of €25,000 – is to honour the work of those women film-makers who have succeeded in continuing to produce fiction features that impress by way of content and style.

As ever, the prize money has been endowed by RWE Vertrieb AG, a power company, but this year – for the first time – the prize will be split between the winning film director (€15,000) and the distribution company (€10,000) and so advance the promotion of such top-quality films on the cinema circuit in Germany.

Four of the eight films in the competition are premieres here in Germany – the Belgian entry, for example, Noir Océan (Black Ocean) by Marion Hänsel, which examines the French nuclear bomb tests on the Mururoa Atolls, or the Greek drama film Attenberg by Athina Rachel Tsangari, which has already picked up a number of awards. Many of the competition films would slot seamlessly into the thematic field of this year's festival: Now What – Films about getting out off here For all the directors tackle controversial subjects and adopt a clear stance in the process. They uncover social wrongs, show the consequences of political injustice and deliver stylish and challenging analyses of the gender divide in the 21st century.

The best feature film award is to be conferred in Dortmund on 17 April. For information about the jury click here.

The following films have been nominated. For more information about the films click here.

Attenberg (German Premiere)
Athina Rachel Tsangari, GR 2010, 95'

Brownian Movement
Nanouk Leopold, NL 2010, 100'

Zuzana Liová, CZ 2010, 97'

La mosca en la ceniza / The Fly in the Ashes (German Premiere)
Gabriela David, ARG 2010, 98'

Lo spazio bianco / The White Space
Francesca Comencini, I 2009, 98'

Noir Océan / Black Ocean (German premiere)
Marion Hänsel, B 2010, 85'

Richting West (German premiere)
Nicole van Kilsdonk, NL 2010, 90'

También la lluvia / Even the Rain
Icíar Bollaín, E/F/Mex 2010, 104'

– sponsored by RWE Vertrieb AG

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