Julia Jentsch part of the jury of the Debut Feature Competition

The Jury 2012 (Xiaolu Guo, Julia Jentsch, Lucy Virgen)

Films from eight countries compete for prize money worth €10,000

This years jury deciding on the actual award consists of actress Julia Jentsch from Germany, film-director and writer Xiaolu Guo from China, and journalist and curator Lucy Virgen from Mexico.

Eight highly talented women will guest at the International Debut Fiction Feature Film Competition, the aim being to show their first feature-length film for the chance to win prize money of €10,000. The overall purpose of the competition is to encourage women film directors to continue making films. And the good news is: interest is growing all the time. With over 150 recent debut feature films from no fewer than 50 countries, the preselection list was longer than ever. And though this may sound a bit banal, it's true nevertheless: the films on the list are as different as they are numerous and it is not possible to speak of distinct trends as such. That said, the women film directors introduce us to any number of female protagonists who are at odds with themselves and with life in general. The films deal with sexuality and self-determination, loneliness and alienation as well as daring ventures and new departures.

Three films are receiving their German premiere and several of the directors will be on hand in Cologne to present their work in person.


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