Country Focus 2012: The Arab World

Four Women From Egypt (Tahani Rached)

A regular feature at Cologne – and part of the location's profile – is the wide-ranging Country Focus which aims to give a multi-layered and in-depth look at the (film) culture of a specific region.

For 2012, the festival is planning an encounter with women film-makers based in North Africa and the Middle East. The Country Focus section will thus act as a showcase for the cinematic oeuvre of women directors working in that region. As such, the programme will provide fresh insights and deeper understandings not always evident in the mainstream news. With an emphasis on films of the last five years, the programme will take an analytic look at the events and themes that played a role in the lead-up to the current revolutions in the Arab world.

How do the women film directors living and working in the region see things? How has the film and media landscape there changed over the past few years and what new opportunities and images have emerged as a result? Which images from the Arab world come to the forefront as opposed to those highlighted by the western media?

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