Silent movies with live music accompany

The Patsy

The cinema of the 1910s offered a wonderful platform for anarchic and unruly comediennes with much revolutionary potential. In their hugely popular serials, the likes of Lea and Rosalie or Tilly and Sally embody the unbridled joy of being out of control as they ridicule the custodians of law and order in the shape of governesses or policemen. The Comediennes of the 1910s are brave and irreverent in the face of authority: they hop, run and jump about; they push about; they climb on cupboards and knock over the furniture. Social hierarchies are reversed as women beat up men and solidarise with female staff against male superiors.

In contrast, the silent movie stars of the 1920s come across as almost well-adjusted to society. Yet Marion Davies pulls out all the stops in the art of comedy as the lead role in The Patsy. Patsy is the downtrodden one in the family. When she falls in love with Tony – who is courting her sister – she does everything in her power to sabotage the relationship. She reads self-help guides on personality development, feigns an interest in another young man, threatens to run away and also delivers incredibly funny parodies of celebrity film stars of the time.

Sat. 16.4., 6pm, sweetSixteen
The Patsy
Dir.: King Vidor, USA 1928, 80‘ mit Marion Davies u. Marie Dressler
Silent Movie Piano Accompany: Ruth Bieri

Sun. 17.4., 12pm, sweetSixteen
Komikerinnen der 10er Jahre
Silent Movie Piano Accompany: Joachim Bärenz

Tilly in a Boarding House
UK 1911, 7’

Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre
F 1911, 5’

Lea e il gomitolo
I 1913, 5’

Cunégonde reçoit sa famille
F 1912, 6’

A Lady and Her Maid
USA 1913, 13’

Le torchon brûle
F 1911, 5’

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